New Cnc Breakout Board Mach3 CM-201 Parallel Connection Interface Board.

Cnc Breakout Board Mach3, CM-201 Parallel Connection Interface Board.

User’s Manual


– 4-Axis Line Driver Output.

– 1-Spindle Speed Output and Select Relay Output

– DC Voltage Output for Spindle Speed Control, Selection, 0 ~ 10V or 0 ~ 5V

– 3-Relay Output.

– 1-Charge Pump, Relay Output

– 5-Switch & Input Sensor.

– DC Input Power + 24V, 150mA

– Included Parallel Cable. 






Mach3, Wireless JOG Pendant, Controller CM-140


— Mach3-rf-eng ver1.set (save it in the computer)

Wireless Jog Pendant, Mach3


To Use this Wireless Jog Pendant,You Copy Mach3_rf_eng_ver1.set in Mach Folder

and Do View –> Load Screen in Mach Menu and You Open it and Use.

1.  You insert USB receiver into USB Port in PC.

2.  You draw power switch by [1] on upper pendant and let it ON,  [0] is off and [1] is ON

3.  If you don’t use for long time, should be off the power switch. 

     Though it is ON, if don’t use for a few minutes, it goes to sleep mode.  


To check out if this wireless jog pendant works and battery replacement,

You press the button, “Caps Lock” and the LED in hole below pendant turns on as follows.

For using, should close “Caps Lock”

If the LED is continued to be set by turning on, the battery consumes much.

If normal, the battery is available to use for two years.

English Screen

ER16, Air-Cooled Spindle Motor, High Frequency


* Air-Cooled, High Frequency, Spindle Motor, New !!

 Special For Metal Cutting, Numerical Engraving, Grinding, Milling

ER16, Air-Cooled Spindle Motor, High Frequency

ER16, Air-Cooled Spindle Motor, High Frequency

ER16, Air-Cooled Spindle Motor, High Frequency

ER16, Air-Cooled Spindle Motor, High Frequency

ER16, Air-Cooled Spindle Motor, High Frequency

– Power : 0.7Kw, Phase 3

– RPM  : 18000

– Frequency : 2P, 300Hz

– Current : 2.7A

– Voltage : 220V

– Collet : S40(ER16)

Cool Muscle, Substiute for Y Cable.



Cool Muscle Cable

Cool Muscle Cable



Cool Muscle, A Substitute for Y Cable.



Cool Link Cable is required to connect the Cool

to a RS-232C port on a PC.

This cable is required when downloading motor pa-rameters

and motion programs onto the Cool Muscle or

when you wish to control a single motor via serial communication.

This is Easy to Use than Y Cable in Cool Muscle Company.

—  White : 24V,  Black : GND

Air-Cooled Spindle, Connectors



 Air-Cooled Spindle Motor, 1.5KW, ER20, GDZ93 x 82-1.5










 1. Put the rubber band to pinchers as the picture.










2. The pin of connector puts in the pinchers.










 3. Solder appropriate leads into hole by use of a soldering iron.










 4. Prepare for cables.










5. Loosen a screw in connector housing.


















6.  Seperate the part of back in housing by a flat-head screwdriver.

  — Take out carefully not to do by force.










7.  Put each cable into the seperated housing to fit 1. 2. & 3.


















8.  Put the last part of cable to pin and solder.

    You can do well if both an iron & cable reached at the same time.


















9.  Other pins do same and check  soldering state whether it takes out or not.










10. Place pins as the picture.










11.  Put them into connector housing to fit directions.


















12. Screw it as the picture by use of a small a flat-head screwdriver.










13. Cover a connector case.










14. Screw 


















15.  Screw the fixed part in cable.










16.  Completion.










17.  Equip to spindle.









Work checking in reverse order in case you put it together again  after taking out.  



Making the Edge Finder.


 There’s a motor mount, 60mm sq.(2.36 inch sq.) as the picture below

 and the edge in center of motor is not made but only when it has to be placed in center exactly,

 the fixed hole can be right in case the motor equips.

 The hole inside is 30π actually but it should be made 2mm deep more from 40π.

Mach3, Edge Finder











So…we made a type of the Edge Finder.

There’s a existing similar one and have seen it some people have made but

it was not proper for usage and only worried.

There’s another one in commercial product while spinning to be leaned to corner

such as “Accu Center” ?? but it is inconvenient in the engraver which

can not do “Tool Change” and the diameter is only 10π

No matter how much we guessed,  it did not ring a bell.


In the meanwhile,

We thought it for 3 days that undertook a certain working that has to be made correctly

considering the method to measure precisely both side of sheet & the place of corner…


Thus.. “the Edge Finder” was made as follows.

It is used by acrylic and attach aluminium for electrical contact upper and

the wire is connected to Zero Tool Sensor.                                             

Edge Finder, Mach3











The touch is set automatically and it is a same motion as Zero Tool Sensor.

By the way,

One problem is that X, Y axises vary with the diameter depend on using Endmill unlike Z axis.

That is to say, it has to calculate.

First, you start it from the edge of X axis and do it from the corner of Y axis.

Mach3, Edge Finder

Mach3, Edge Finder












You modify even the screen.

If push the button, X-Edge and X axis works, if push Y-Edge, Y axis works,

therefore….it finishs finding the original points for X,Y edges.

Mach3, Edge Finder

The result was much much satisfied.

It’s been made in exact center within tolerance that could not check

by Vernier Clifers as first picture.

We struggled for 30 Min. finding it before doing this but it still had much tolerance .

& were able to find the original point of corner precisely within less 30 seconds with this.


If you go to the screen that can modify each button in the “Edit Button Script” and

input the height of sensor compared to edge at where

the X-Edge is “SetDro(0,1.4)”and Y-Edge is “SetDro(1,1.4)”

First, touch the sensor by F100  and move back 2 mm.. and then..touch by F20 again and halt.


In this time, should change the value of DRO in each axis after you do

the height of sensor + the half of Endmill diameter.

For instance, If the End mill is 3 mm, 

1.4+1.5=2.9  & input to DRO value and the current palce of Endmill can be 2.9


One more important point !!

The Endmill has cutting peak and a certain part of it can be smaller than diameter.

In other words, you should set the direction while you rotate it by hands so that

the biggest diameter of it can reach sensor.


— Refer to   Mach3_all_ver2.set  (Save in Computer and Run it)


  –  Zero Tool Sensor.                            

 Mach3, Zero Tool Sensor





Mach3, Macro Programming, Referance Manual

This is the Manual for Mach3, Macro Program. 
Hope to refer to it..
The Mach3, Macro Program is made by Visual Basic Language but
they say that the execution speed will be much faster & will be changed by Lau Language in Mach4 too.
Though we’ll know it then..if it comes out soon, guess that we should study more..
If you are interested in it, hope to visit the site below..

The adjustment of “G0” & “G1” Feed Rate in Mach.

There is the adjustment of Feed Rate in Mach Screen as below.


Feed Rate, Mach Screen







Here are two-bar graph.

The bar graph in left  is Rapid FRO  and the right  is FRO %

Rapid FRO in left is G0 in the G-Code  and  it means that it adjusts the Feed

when the Rapid not to start….so, also the ratio, up to Maximum is 100%

If 100%, it is the speed value designated in velocity in Motor Tuning.

Whereas the FRO% in right adjusts linear transfer Feed such as G1, G2, G3 in G-Code.

Actually this is suppoed to lift up to 250% in Max.  if the feed is low.

Feed graphs in left & right work together in default setting.

If you unchecked “Lock Rapid FRO to Feed FRO” in the Config – General Config,

two-feed can be adjusted separately.


Feed Rate, Mach3





You can know if adjusted the Feed while running G-Code in mach.

G0 X500
G0 X0
G1 X500 F1000
G1 X0 F1000

Pls.. Refer to the file below.   Save it first in your computer.


Setting not to See Mach3 Menu



You can set not to see menu in mach3 screen.

It is not that important function but sometimes, it needs..

You should check the below in General Config.

And messages will come out as follows.


You push the button & finish the mach3.  If you run it again, the menu will not see. 

Of course, you can change it.

You open the file, Mach3Mill.xml by notepad in the mach3 folder.

You run “Find” in the menu and put the word “menu” and you’ll see “Menuoff” as red box below.

After changing 1 to 0 & save it  and you finish it.

If you run the mach3, will see the menu.

This was a tip for using mach3.

Mach3, Cnc Control Software — Artsoft



main 300x300

Mach3, Cnc Control Software Artsoft 

    Lathes, Mills, Routers, Lasers, Plasma, Engravers, Gear cutting


*  Converts a standard PC to a fully featured, 6-Axis cnc controller.

*  Allows direct import of DXF BMP JPG and HPGL.

*  Visual G-Code display

*  Generates G-code via LazyCam or Wizards

*  fully Customizable interface.

*  Customizable M-Codes and Macros using VBscript

*  Spindle speed control

*  Multiple relay control

*  Manual pulse generation

*  Includes multiple wizards

*  Video display of machine

*  Touch screen ability / Full screen eligibility

*  Digitizing                                                            

 * Overall Infomation :