The adjustment of “G0” & “G1” Feed Rate in Mach.

There is the adjustment of Feed Rate in Mach Screen as below.


Feed Rate, Mach Screen







Here are two-bar graph.

The bar graph in left  is Rapid FRO  and the right  is FRO %

Rapid FRO in left is G0 in the G-Code  and  it means that it adjusts the Feed

when the Rapid not to start….so, also the ratio, up to Maximum is 100%

If 100%, it is the speed value designated in velocity in Motor Tuning.

Whereas the FRO% in right adjusts linear transfer Feed such as G1, G2, G3 in G-Code.

Actually this is suppoed to lift up to 250% in Max.  if the feed is low.

Feed graphs in left & right work together in default setting.

If you unchecked “Lock Rapid FRO to Feed FRO” in the Config – General Config,

two-feed can be adjusted separately.


Feed Rate, Mach3





You can know if adjusted the Feed while running G-Code in mach.

G0 X500
G0 X0
G1 X500 F1000
G1 X0 F1000

Pls.. Refer to the file below.   Save it first in your computer.



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