Mach3, Wireless JOG Pendant, Controller CM-140


— Mach3-rf-eng ver1.set (save it in the computer)

Wireless Jog Pendant, Mach3


To Use this Wireless Jog Pendant,You Copy Mach3_rf_eng_ver1.set in Mach Folder

and Do View –> Load Screen in Mach Menu and You Open it and Use.

1.  You insert USB receiver into USB Port in PC.

2.  You draw power switch by [1] on upper pendant and let it ON,  [0] is off and [1] is ON

3.  If you don’t use for long time, should be off the power switch. 

     Though it is ON, if don’t use for a few minutes, it goes to sleep mode.  


To check out if this wireless jog pendant works and battery replacement,

You press the button, “Caps Lock” and the LED in hole below pendant turns on as follows.

For using, should close “Caps Lock”

If the LED is continued to be set by turning on, the battery consumes much.

If normal, the battery is available to use for two years.

English Screen


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