How to connect MPG to Ethernet Control Board, Mach

* Connnecting MPG to CM_106Ess Board.

MPG is supposed to be voltage type, 5V and it should use to be applied Output  for A, B Channel.  Ess Board supports up to 3 Ports and Port 1, 2 are for motor & control of relay. Port 3 is for MPG. 

 * Set up Mach

Go to Plugin Config and check out that ” Port3 Pins2~9 ” is shown by ” In” as above. Set “MPG#1”  as below after going on to config  — port and pins.   * Counts /Units : 4   * velocity : 500

The velocity value here is a part of adjusting MPG’s Speed, if  it  is low,  it can be fast.  If you do 100,  rotating speed of motor can be fast, if  you do 1000, you can check it can be slow.

This should find it while testing the value to fit your equipment.

* Using MPG

If you click tab button in main screen in Mach,  the MPG Picture turns up right and can see the part as follows.

If click ” Jog Mode, it can be modified by Cont – Step – MPG. Cont Mode is used when working axis consecutively with keyboard and Step does not move consecutively together keyboard,  it can work the step interval  selected in Jog Step.  MPG Mode is used when moving  axis after connectiong MPG.  If pushed “axis selection button” the moving shaft  is changed.


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