Auto Tool Zero Sensor and Connection Checker, Tool Change, Measurement.

* Wire Length: 3M


1.  Check out whether the body of engraver is connected with end-mill electrically

     using checker.

2.  Connect the GND to body.

3.  Put the sensor under end-mill.

4.  Link with your Breakout Board. (Black : GND  /  White : Input) 

     It’s ok to join to other connnector. 
     If the GND wire & Sensor don’t contact, never turn on LED in Board.

      If the GND & Sensor Contact, LED is turned on /  Normal.

5.  Measure Tool Sensor’s height precisely.

6.  Set-Up in Mach

      Config -> Port & Pins.   Set “Probe” in Input Signal as follows.
      If used other pin, input the pin intead of it.    Apply — Check

     Go into the picture below in Mach.

     If the GND wire & Sensor don’t contact, “Digitize” is Off.

     Check “Digitize” is On /  Normal.

     Click “ Edit Button Script” in main Mach Screen.

     And “Auto Tool Zero” Button will flicker. Click this.

     If a new window shows up, input the code below.

      Every Set-Up is finished after saving.

7.   Operation Test

     Put the Sensor under end-mill and click “ Auto Tool Zero” button in Mach.
     The Z axis will go down while sensing.

     You can know that end-mill stops onto 10mm in surface.


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